Grant Application

To apply for a grant, the following conditions must be met..

The committee must be officially recognised by the landlord of the site.
Must have a written and signed constitution.
Have a bank account with 3 signatories.
Have a forwarding address and named contact.

The Board of Trustees meet 4 times each year and any application for funding is discussed and decided upon at these meetings.
The amount of funding that can be applied for will be on the scale of £250 (Minimum) to £2,000 (Maximum) per applicant.

The amount of funding that is awarded to each applicant will be at the discretion of the Board of Trustees and may not necessarily be the total sum that is applied for.
If your completed application form is accepted it may be necessary for one of the trustees to contact the committee submitting the application so a telephone contact number should be shown.

To apply for a Grant Application Form, please click on the link below to download the application form
Applications will be dealt with on a quarterly basis; the deadlines for the applications are 1st Jan, 1st April, 1st July, 1st October. Applicants applying for funding should ensure that their completed application is submitted no later than the dates shown.
Please note. the Application form is over 1MB and may take a while to download on slow internet connections.

  • Who We Are

    The NATIONAL ALLOTMENT GARDENS TRUST (NAGT) is a Regsitered Charity.
    The NAGT was established in 2004 and registered as a charity in 2005

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  • What We Do

    The NAGTS objective is to advance and improve the Allotments/Gardens movement by Education, Training, Workshops & Support.

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  • How We Do It

    The NAGT grant funding to registered Allotment Associations and Committees for the improvement and development of facilities on registered and permitted sites.

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  • Get In Touch

    Want to apply?

    Please contact the NAGT for the Funding Application Form by clicking below.

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The National Allotment Gardens Trust (NAGT) is a registered charity.
Charity No : 1108147
Regsitered Office : St Georges Centre. 91 Victoria Road, Netherfield, Nottingham NG4 2NN